A Vision for Lexington Hamlet

Rough Sketch of LexArtSci’s Vision for Lexington Hamlet

Inspired by the Lexington Hamlet Revitalization Strategy of 2018, LexArtSci achieved its goal of fostering the establishment of a general store in the hamlet. According to local sources, there were at least five general stores in Lexington in the 1950’s. Now that Van Dusen’s general store is slated to open in early 2022, we are continuing to look to the future drawing inspiration from the past.

For our Lexington hamlet, we envision a restorative community that places a high value on associational life. We envision walking paths that span the hamlet from one side to another. Along these paths are spectacular views, moments of reflection, interactions with neighbors, surprises, contact with nature. We envision a hamlet where cars passing through slow down for pedestrians; to slow down to take notice; to have a drink or to learn something; to appreciate a sound or a sight.

The paths are a mix of stone, gravel and dirt. They are hiking paths, sidewalks, singletrack, stones. They meander hrough the town, from the cemetery to the east, through the LineLand Sculpture

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