Archival Images

A collection of historical images informing LA+S’s vision for the future.

The Lexington House circa 1970-something. (credit: Unknown)
Found Object: Partially Hypothetical, Painstaking Created, Topographical Model,
Lexington Hamlet (paper).
Believed to have been produced by Arts Awareness (credit: Alex)
Found object. Photo credit: Alex

“Bed Memory and Bath” 2019 
credit: Tom Young
Submission, work by Janine Antoni
credit: Alex
More work by Janine Antoni
credit: Alex
Flowers 2019
credit: Tom Young
Lexington Hotel post card , circa 1970’s (not sure on this period?).
Complements of the Shumylo family, proprietors.
Excerpted from
“William Hellerman: Three weeks in Cincinnati in December, Robert Dick, flute”

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