In short, because we are fascinated by both arts and science. Serendipitously, the Lexington House property has a long tradition of both. To elaborate:

At Lexington House, Art has been present in the form of terraformation, architecture, horticulture, theater, performance, installation, graphic design, music, film, dance and likely every other form of human expression. Science has long been present, perhaps more in the background: in the form of tanning, animal husbandry, food production, tincturing, construction, farming, engineering, education, documentation of natural history.

Of course there is vast divide between Art and Science. Art is often seen as creative, intuitive, expressive, sensual, experiential, and emotional. Science is often seen as methodical, logical, explicative, intellectual, cognitive, and rational.

However, Art and Science are intimately related. Art and Science meet in sentiment, which occurs in well-defined areas of the brain . . . “science explains feeling, while art transmits it” (p.127) – but even more fundamentally, “the common property of science and art is the transmission of information…and…the respective modes of transmission in science and art can be made logically equivalent” (p.128). Biologist Edward O. Wilson in his 1998 book, Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge.

We sense the powerful creative energy of this place, along with a responsibility to be our most ethereal selves, and to steward this land and honor those before us, by recognizing and incorporating into our work, the Arts and the Sciences, which are ultimately the product of the humanity before us.

Therefore, Lexington Arts + Science’s mission is:

To Foster Creativity, Conservation and Exploration of Nature Through the Arts + Science.

The name “Project 2020” suggests not only an ideal clarity of vision but assures that the coming year will be a time for communal reflection; for creating achievable goals; for clearing out and straightening things up. 2020 reminds us all to find simplicity in the face of the complex changes on the national and global levels that we are experiencing in common.


The Barn Theater: September 12, 2020. An afternoon reading of “Three Sisters” by Anton Chekov, with musical interludes and a toast. Bring a blanket and pack a picnic to enjoy on your own private patch of meadow.

Artist-in-Residence: Our program begins Summer 2020. We offer artists-in-residence an opportunity to enjoy our grounds and a place to relax, think and produce work.

-Market at Lexington House: Our rolling art bus (neé Betty Shortbus) will be employed this summer in the service of delicious treats and simple eats. All proceeds support the Artists managing the Market and we hope to use the Market as a way to welcome and meet our neighbors and engage in dialogue about important ideas and plans. We can not wait to welcome you at the Lexington House.

General Store: In keeping with the Town of Lexington’s objective of supporting a “classic” General Store outlined in the Riverstreet’s revitalization strategy of January 2019 (pic below), Lexington Arts + Science LLC may again apply for an Empire State Development (ESD) Grant in 2020.

A General Store would be a wonderful forum for the exchange of ideas and opportunities – not to mention delicious and beautiful local products and of course a warm or cold cup-of-something. The General Store would likely be sited in one of the buildings accessory to the Lexington House and Lexington Arts + Science LLC would likely seek a third-party owner-operator perhaps in the style of Circle W Market or Mansion + Reed.

Note: Place Alliance’s “Town of Lexington Hamlet Revitalization, Presentation of Final Illustrations,” October 2018 public presentation is available for viewing here.

February 24, 2018 Site visit with Place Alliance / River Street Planning
photo credit: Unknown (Pasted from public presentation)